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Alpine Experience, Val d

Wayne Watson

Wayne is a Canadian from Calgary who has spent 35-years skiing off-piste in Val d’Isere. Besides being a ‘sports nut’ he also has a passion for technique and enjoys writing. Wayne has written the Daily Diary since 2000, has had articles published for various magazines, and is the author of the book ‘Off-Piste’. Wayne teaches Pilates during his summer months and plays as much golf as he can possibly get away with!
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Jean Marc Pic

Jean Marc
Jean Marc is a Frenchman from the Pyrennees and one of the most respected Mountain Guides in France. He has skied in Val d’Isere for over 30- years and is an avid tourer. He and Olivier run fantastic trips during the year to the far corners of the world and their expeditions are well documented as JM is an excellent photographer. Jean Marc is also available for climbing, trekking, and canyoning in the summer.
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Jean Christophe Souillac (Chris)

Chris is a French/Australian who has skied in Val d’Isere since the 1960’s when he was racing. Chris has a wealth of teaching experience and besides teaching in Europe he’s spent thirty-years in Thredbo, Australia during our summer months. He has a love of photography with three published books on skiing to his credit. Chris and his wife Suzanne have bought a Gite in Normandy and are open for business during the summer months.
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Andreas Bjorklund

Andreas, from Sweden, has been in Val d’Isere for many years now. He has a keen interest in snow science and has been assisting Henry with the HAT Avalanche Presentations. Andreas enjoys his sports and has recently taken up kite-surfing and has started playing tennis again. He’s also likes to play a little rock guitar from time to time while having a late-night drink! Andreas also stays busy running his building business, specialising in chalets and apartment re-furbs.
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Thomas Quero Battani

Thomas grew up in the Alps and raced in his early days before falling in love with off-piste skiing. Thomas has been known to do a little ‘free-riding’ and would be happy to coach you if you’re looking for a responsible ‘free-ride’ experience, and Thomas boards as well. He spends his summers either in the sky with his parapente or flying down mountains on his mountain-bike. Thomas is a qualified instructor for downhill mountain-biking for anyone who passes through Val d’Isere in the summer.
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Olivier Carrere

Olivier is also French and a neighbour of Jean Marc in the Pyrennees. A UIAGM guide, Olivier has a passion for his work and a permanent smile. He loves touring and teams up with Jean Marc to lead expeditions world-wide throughout the year. Olivier also teaches children and is available in the summer for climbing, trekking, and canyoning. Both Oli and JM have Gites in the Pyrennees if you fancy a summer vacation in their area.
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Henry Schniewind

Henry was guiding off-piste in Val d’Isere from 1992 until 97, when he decided it was time to get himself a real job. After spending time in Grenoble at business school Henry worked for a few years until the mountains beckoned him to come back to the ‘real’ world, and he is now back full-time in Val d’Isere. Henry also has a degree in Snow Science and is the creator of HAT, now world-reknown, which specialises in avalanche presentations around Europe, the UK, and in the USA.
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TJ Baird

TJ is a Scotsman who has worked in Val d’Isere for over 30 years and is the most senior member of the team. TJ has an excellent knowledge of the domain and understanding of the snowpack. Due to family commitments TJ’s time with us is now limited so please get in touch if you’d like his dates. TJ runs an embroidery business in Scotland with his wife Joanna when he’s not skiing.
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Pietro Barigazzi

Pietro is an Italian UIAGM guide who rounds off Alpine Experience’s international flavour. Due to family commitments Pietro will be unavailable except for the odd private week this season. He spends his summers in Italy running his own very successful Adventure Park.
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Joe Powder

Joe Powder
Joe Powder is a mythical Val d’Isere character from the 70’s and 80’s. A mentor for all die hards and still a mentor for some of us. Skis on long straight narrow skis. A true skier. Like we used to be once upon a time. Created by Nick Lyons. Thankyou from all of us at Alpine Experience. We have reached our 20th winter 2012/2013! “Lest we forget”.

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