Where to find us

You’ll find us at Jeans Sports, but how do you arrive in town?

Access via airports

Val d’Isère has access from a number of major airports, including Geneva, Lyon (Satolas), and Grenoble. Chambery has a regional airport, which is much closer, but there are fewer flights and they are not daily. All the airports have a regular bus service completing your voyage.

Travelling by train

There is also a high speed rail link from England as well as an overnight sleeper service arriving at the railhead at Bourg St. Maurice, a short 25 minutes bus or taxi ride from the centre of town.

Bus Services and Taxi Link. Val d’Isere tourist office web site for comprehensive information!

Bus service Lyon/Val d’Isere
Bus service Geneva/Val d’Isere

For more information visit the excellent and informative Val d’Isere Tourist Office web site


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