31 Jan to 6 Feb: Queyras tour

Queyras’ mountains are not impressive, but its beautiful and high villages offered us a first class welcome. All the auberges and gîtes we stayed in were friendly ; smile and kindness were always behind the door.
During this tour, we visited three valleys : Ceillac, Saint Véran (the highest village of Europe) and Abriès. We could ski easily from one valley to the other, skinning through beautiful passes or peaks. The feeling of travelling on skis was strong.
In altitude, snow had been hardly touched by the wind, which had blown before our arrival, and it was sometimes really difficult to link properly several turns! but “ski-fun” was coming back further down, in superb larch forests, full of powder ; then, we all were slalom champions!
We had a lot of new people but what a team at the end! Sometimes alchemy which appears between people is beyond us, and some people who didn’t know each other the minute before, become “thick as thieves” immediatly after, as childhood friends. And when relationships are simple and open-handed, everything shared during the day is magnified…
This week, we’ve been putting into practice this beautiful recipe!
Take first a large amount of Scottish eccentricity,
Mix it cleverly with a bit of Belgian joviality,
Then, coat delicately the whole with some english deadpan sense of humour,
Add a little irish cherry on the top,
Leave the whole stewing under French hilarious eyes, and you will understand the atmosphere has not been so sad !
So much laughs, relaxation and conviviality have been the ingredients of this great week, so that it was hard to leave each other at the end!
“Thanks all of you for this lovely week”…Small wink to who knows!
photos are visible by clinking on the following link

05 March 2010

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