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In the Espace Killy and Worldwide

Jean Marc Pic and Olivier Carrere are the mainstays of Alpine Experience’s world wide ski touring and adventure programes. UIAGM certified French mountain guides as well as French qualified ski instructors.

In Val d’isère most groups have touring kit. A short “skin” provides a true backcountry adventure and keeps the groups versatile and prepared for any eventualities that touring kit provides.

“In winter, the untamed character of the mountains take on their full dimension; the snow wraps the summits in white and silence,
the light of a low sun creates unreal shadow and light…
Ski touring is without doubt the best way to explore these magical landscapes!
The steady climb allows you to gently take in your surroundings.
On the descent, the virgin snow offers herself just as she is :
if she’ s capricious, she demands your full attention and technical ability ;
if she’ s kind, then it’ s supreme happiness!
We have decided on a few essential ingredients to help you enjoy the adventure to the full : – small groups with a maximum of six people. – if a seventh person books, we add a second guide to make it easier for each person to go at their own pace, and to offer increased safety.
We prefer a convivial atmosphere to individual exploits!
Ski touring is a group activity in which mutual support and sharing are integral to the experience…..” Jean Marc and Olivier.

Here are some of our journeys planned!

3 to 9 December 2016, ski touring and off pist based in Val d’Isère.
A classical period based in Val d’Isère to start the season.
According to the conditions, day tours or off-piste.

7 to 14 January 2017, Beaufortin (France)
Day tours starting from a comfortable auberge, we chose the best target for the skiing…

11 to 18 February 2017, a week in the high Pyrenees
This is now one of our classic weeks, Based in a gastronomic inn,
we’ ll take you on an exploration of our beautiful valleys.

25 February to 4 March 2017, The Lyngen Alps (Norway)
A wonderfull sea and mountains trip
Using the Isbjorn II boat as a travelling hut, we explore the islands and fjords…

5 to 12 of March 2017, The Encantats (Spanish Pyrenes)
A hut to hut tour in a fantastic lakes and granit needles land.

2 to 9 of April 2017, Bernina (Switzerland)
Hut to hut tour on technical glacier terrain involving cramponing on steep couloirs.

7 to 15 of May 2017, The Eternity fjord (Greenland)
An other sea mountainering trip in a wild environement
Using the Minna-Martek boat, we explore the Eternity fjord area north of Maniitsocq.

9 September to 2 October 2016, New Zeland
Ski touring in the southern island around Mt Cook and Mt Aspiring, hut to hut tour.
We are working on the program.

7 September to 16 October 2017, South Georgia…
Ski exploration from our floatting hut : Hans-Hansson

For more program details and dates go to Jean Marc Pic’s and Olivier Carrere’s site here.

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