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25 November 2014
I'm ready for winter!

I’m now officially ready for winter after closing down my golfing season with a serious shot of adrenalin and a feeling of satisfaction that put a massive smile on my face. On Sunday I had the pleasure and privilege of playing with my daughter Millie in our first competition together. It was pouring with rain and I was certain that it would be cancelled but all the juniors were dead keen so we played a nine-hole Texas- Scramble-type format. We partnered Sophie and her mother Jo and we shot a 38, which I thought was pretty jolly good, especially with such tough conditions. There was a lovely get-together in the Clubhouse afterwards with the Junior AGM and prize giving for the year’s events. The Juniors clubbed together to buy Jean some thoughtful gifts to show their appreciation for all her hard work. She runs the Juniors section of the club with incredible energy, passion, commitment and a generosity with her time that is very much appreciated by all the youngsters, as well as their parents. Jean was totally surprised and quite emotional, and was very appreciative of the show of support. And thanks Jean for dressing Millie up in all your wet weather gear, which allowed her to participate!

On the Monday I played my final round with my mate Bill and what a contrast in conditions to the day before. The sun was shining and with the autumn colours and beautiful light it was a stunning day to be outside playing golf. Somehow I played not only the best round of the summer but perhaps the best round of my life, and I felt so good afterwards that putting my clubs away for the season was easy, as I wouldn’t want to spoil it by trying to squeeze in another round. I’ll head to the mountains for my winter life with a golfing glow that will last for the entire winter!

Stay tuned for the next update, which will be Saturday after the first day of the season, internet connections permitting.

17 November 2014
Time to pack!

I’m off to France in about ten days time and can’t believe how quickly it’s come around again. Blimey! I was just checking the Alpine Facebook page and the snow looks much better that I thought. The start to the winter is one of my favourite periods of the season, and when the snow is good it’s such a bonus. If you’ve a window of opportunity don’t hesitate and get yourself out for some early season fun! The daily diary will be up-and-running on the 29th so stay tuned.

Millie has been playing golf regularly and she and I are playing in a golf competition together this Sunday afternoon, which we’re really looking forward to. Katie is dancing and enjoying her riding and both girls are starting to look forward to ski season and will arrive with Gill on December 21st. I guess I best get packing! (I’ve posted a few photos)

5 November 2014
It's Snowing!

I’ve just checked the web-cams and it looks like the snow has final started to fall. Yahoo!

I’m about to go out for a round of golf with Ian N, who I haven’t seen since our wonderful time at St. Andrews and Gleneagles. Double yahoo!

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