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7 December 2016
My oh my that was good!!!

Conditions were just right today to ski something I haven’t skied in a long, long time in winter snow. The risk is 2/5 and has been for several days and Andreas and I both felt today was the day. I’ve skied this sector often in the spring, and with Millie and Katie a few times, but it’s been many years since my last trip in powder. Andreas and I were both travelling light so we teamed up for a stunning run with wonderful ambience and fantastic snow, and it was so good both Robert and Jamie wanted to ski it again. It was a no-brainer really so we circled back around for another ‘skin’ and soaked it all in again. Wow!

JM and Oli had a great day Fornet-way yesterday and today they were heading towards Tignes. Again we’re in ‘code-mode’ so that’s all I’ll say. And Pietro and Fiona were skinning and skiing up at the Fornet today.

I boobed again and couldn’t get that last two days of photos off the ‘Photos of the Day’ file so today’s are the last 13, starting after the icicle shot somewhere half-way down. I promise to be more organised tomorrow.

I’m having the boys over for our annual meeting and an easy supper afterwards. We’re trying to prepare our new website so it should be interesting. Stay tuned!

PS You might notice that Andreas is sporting our new uniform!

6 December 2016
Another cracking morning!

Andreas and I had another excellent day and we started by climbing up into the Borsat West, where we skied some lovely snow with good ambience.( I can give that one away because it’s pretty much done now!) From there we moved on and found great snow for the rest of the morning and one slope you can probably work out through the photos. I’m still in ‘code mode’ as times are tough and I don’t want to give any of our stashes of good snow away as we’ve a few more days of beautiful weather ahead.

Jean Marc and Olivier went off with their teams for a day tour up to the Col du Montet, so they’ll have had a great day and will feel that they’ve earned their beer at the end of the day!

I made a boob with today’s photos so they are underneath yesterday’s. I think I have it worked out and should have it under control by tomorrow but time will tell? I’m experimenting with flickr but I need some coaching to be able to move the photos about and I’m not ready to make a switch quite yet.

I’m off to the gym and then to do some shopping as we have our annual Alpine meeting at my place tomorrow night and I need some supplies to whip up a meal for the boys. Stay tuned!

PS Pietro has arrived and is skiing with Fiona for five days. And I’m missing Katie’s gymnastics session tonight as I used to take her every Tuesday night. Have a great time Katie!

5 December 2016
Happy Birthday Tansy!

It was another wonderful day weather-wise and we all enjoyed extremely good skiing this morning. Andreas headed over to Tignes for a change of scenery and to have a look around on Derek, Paul and Peter’s last morning while Jean Marc and Olivier also headed to Tignes with their groups to ski off the Grande Motte.

As I had a new group of Adam, Tom and Robert I headed back to the Fornet where Andreas and I had such a brilliant day yesterday and enjoyed more of the same today. We then went exploring and were rewarded with a lovely stash of snow, but I won’t mention where! ( I even made sure the photos wouldn’t give it away as we’ll be needed it in the days to come!)

Thanks to Johnny Alpine for the footie yesterday followed by a fantastic steak dinner. Your regular diners Dave C and I salute you! I’d like to say a big hello to Millie’s school friend Connie who reads my blog almost every day, and a big happy birthday to Tansy!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

4 December 2016
Wow, that was pretty good!

Andreas and I took our teams up to the Fornet and had a brilliant morning. I won’t say where we were exactly because times are tough and we don’t want to give the game away, but it was excellent skiing with wonderful ambience. (You might be able to figure it out from the photos?) Jean Marc and Olivier are in town and are skiing with some of their faithful ‘touring’ regulars, and they were up at the Fornet as well.

I’ve posted some photos and today’s are the bottom seven. Ideally they’d be at the top but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it until I find a better solution.

Thanks to Derek, Paul and Peter for a great evening out last night and I’m looking forward to football and steaks at Johnny Alpine’s tonight. Stay tuned!

PS I managed to delete the past two days photos and today’s are up on their own.

3 December 2016
Well done Millie !!!

The sun continues to beat down but no one is really complaining because this weather is not too hard to take, and the skiing is pretty jolly good as well! Andreas and I both skied up at the Fornet after our morning in Tignes yesterday and although it isn’t good everywhere we did manage to ‘sniff’ out some excellent snow. The ‘L’ is closed and after riding a chairlift above it where I could look down and check it out my team decided on an adventure and we had some great pitches on the top third before paying the price lower down, but to be fair it was only the last third that was tricky but we side-slopped that section without any problems. Bravo Penny and Tim for embracing the situation and dealing with the tough bits!

Unfortunately Jean twigged his knee yesterday and will be out for a week or two. What a bummer as he was skiing well and it was his first day!

Fab at the Gourmandine asked Derek, Paul, Andreas and I to pose at the bar for some filming. We sat there trying to look and act cool but I’m not too sure we pulled it off, but we did make the National news! Hopefully we looked cool enough and not like a bunch of dickheads!

Jean Marc and Olivier arrived this afternoon and will be in town for a few weeks and Pietro will be arriving in the next day or two. We’re just missing TJ but he’ll be out early January for about 4 weeks.

Millie had her Bramley Junior Golf Club Christmas Dinner and Awards Ceremony last night and she came home with a lovely trophy for the Most Improved Player. She had a great summer as she won the Ladies Championship (on handicap), won the Bramley Junior Open with her partner Jack, and she also represented Surrey Girls in an Inter-County match. Gill and Katie went to watch the presentation and Millie was totally shocked at winning the award. Bravo Millie!

The girls are out tonight with Ray to see the new Harry Potter film so Gill will be having a nice quiet relaxing evening at home. They are a handful so enjoy your quiet time Gill! And thanks John F for the football this afternoon, what a match! Stay tuned!

PS Tansy was up skiing with Ness and Victor this morning and they had a nice family ski this afternoon.

2 December 2016
A change of scenery!

It was another beautiful day and even though we need snow as there are tracks everywhere, we enjoyed some great skiing with brilliant sunshine and the resort to ourselves. Andreas was back in action with Derek, Peter, Paul and Jerry while I was skiing with Penny, Richard H, Tim, and Jean on his first day of his season. After a couple of consecutive days at the Fornet it was time for a change of scenery and to have a ‘sniff’ about to see what else was on offer. We started off on Bellevarde and made our way to the Grande Motte and back and had some lovely skiing off the Borsat meadows, the lower Borsat Nord, off my shoulder and a little ‘skin’ to the Little Borsat West. The snow making has done the trick and the skiing into Tignes is well covered and I would imagine that many other runs to the bottom will be open for the weekend.

Thanks to Paul Gains who came up with a suggestion for a service provider for my daily photos updates. I’ll look into it and hopefully have a new system in place soon. In the meantime there will just be ‘Photos of the Day’ and no monthly file that the photos would normally be moved into.

There are Men’s World Cup races here this weekend and today there was a downhill, which we totally missed as I thought today was training and the race was tomorrow. Mind you we would have still missed it as we had our own skiing to deal with! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Peter’s morning was cut short when he pulled his toe-piece out of his ski. Bummer Peter but as least you weren’t on a do-or-die slope! And I haven’t yet received my new French SIM card so my French mobile isn’t working.

1 December 2016
Sunny days ahead!!!

Penny kicked off her season today and Richard H came along as well as we had a lovely morning in the Pays Desert skiing a variation of yesterday’s itinerary. The off-piste is limited at the moment unless you want to go ‘adventure’ seeking and be ready to deal with whatever you find. The top half of the mountain has a fantastic base but the lower part of the resort has a very thin snow cover to say the least. Still, the sun is shining and the weather is absolutely stunning!

Unfortunately the weather forecast calls for clear blue skies until at least December 9th so what we have is what we have, but the snow cannons are blowing constantly and the lower pistes should be open soon, and hopefully by this weekend!

Since I started posting daily photos I’ve used Picasa but they have stopped supporting that system and I’m having trouble with my photos. I can post them but once posted I can’t move them around to change files, I can’t put up captions, and I can’t delete them either. Does anyone know of another service I can use? At the moment I’m putting up just the ‘Photos of the Day’ but not the monthly file that you can look back on once you’ve returned from your holiday. Photos will be up for only one day before being replaced so you’ll need to look the same day if you have a starring role! Any help would be greatly appreciated because at the moment it’s not very satisfactory and a real pain!

Derek, Peter and Paul arrive tonight and Jean R will also be starting his season tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS Thanks to Johnny Alpine for a fantastic curry last night. It was one of your best and that’s saying something! Unfortunately West Ham sucked but United looked as if they are starting to find another gear and brighter days may be around the corner for you Man U fans. The same can’t be said for us long-suffering Hammers fans!

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