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12 November 2017
Looking good!

I don’t want to jinx us but conditions according to the webcams are looking pretty jolly good for this time of year! More snow is forecast for Monday and if it stays cold enough to use the snow cannons we could be in for a stellar opening weekend.

It’s quite incredible how quickly my life will change now as I’ve another ten-days or so with the girls and just enough time to finish up my household chores and get in a few more rounds of golf, then presto, I’ll be jumping into the car, cranking up my music and driving towards another winter. I don’t really think too much about it now but the moment I start driving it’s like flicking a switch and it will be full steam ahead and it doesn’t take long to appreciate how lucky I am to be able to spend so much time doing something that I seem to love more and more as the years roll by. But that’s enough of that!

Gill is still in Toulouse and Millie had a lovely round of golf this morning with her friends Daisy and Sophie, accompanied by Mark Allison who coached the girls for several years. He’s a wonderful coach and has had a lot to do with Millie’s love of golf, and today was a ‘good-bye’ session as Mark is moving back to South Africa. We’ll all miss Mark but thank goodness for James Johnson who is now taken over the girls coaching duties (and mine) and has softened the blow. James is a great young coach and the juniors absolutely love him as well, and some of you may meet James this winter when he comes to visit. Unfortunately James bats for the ‘dark’ side but I’m not going to hold that against him! (I’ve posted a couple of photos)

The daily updates will start November 25 with the opening day of the season! Stay tuned!

6 November 2017
Bravo Katie and Naomi!

Katie went to her friend Naomi’s on Sunday afternoon and the two of them spent 5-hours outside working on their gymnastics, and only came in for 15-minutes to have a hot-chocolate and warm-up their feet! They helped each other out with technical tips and spotted one another and ended up both making huge improvements while succeeding in performing a handstand into a back-handspring-stepout, linked into another back-handspring-stepout. (Katie assures me that gym people understand that!) She came home with a massive smile on her face and was really pumped up at being able to link back-flicks and some other new moves, and it’s been a while since I last saw her so animated!

Meanwhile Millie was playing golf against the Burhill girls and she needed to give her first speech as Girls Junior Captain. For her first go it went pretty well and she was happy to get the first one out of the way.

My friend Paul (Men’s Captain this year) helped me find some new clubs and I bought a ‘like-new’ used set of Mizuno 850 forged irons with graphite shafts and managed to trade-in my old set, which was a real bonus. I’m taking a few lessons and looking to come back next summer ‘re-tooled’ and ready to make some progress. (man, I’ve got it bad!)

Gill is off to Toulouse this weekend to visit her friend Catherine and she’s looking forward to a fantastic weekend while Millie plays golf both Saturday and Sunday, and Katie and I will be hanging-out together. Stay tuned!

5 November 2017
Snowy days ahead this week?

Every time I’ve checked the webcams over the past month or so the weather in Val d’Isere has looked beautiful and perfect for locals who enjoy their walking, biking, hunting and other outdoor pursuits, but finally there is some snow on the ground and more forecast this week! Let’s cross our fingers and hope for a fantastic start to the season, which kicks off November 25th.

Andreas, Thomas, Chris and I will all be there for the opening so if you get a window of opportunity come on out and celebrate the start of another season. It’s a fantastic time of year with wonderful light, good moods all round as people are pleased to be back to work again, and if the snow is good it’s a massive bonus.

Maybe see you on the 25th and stay tuned!

2 November 2017
Thanks Dave!!!!

Just a quick one so you don’t have a blank page! I had a great day out at the Surbiton Golf Course hosted by Dave Downing along with Richard and Deborah Finlay. Dave and Deborah won 2-up as I let Richard down going down the stretch, but it was a great day out with excellent banter, great company and everyone had moments of ‘clarity’ with the clubs! Thanks very much Dave and I look forward to hosting you all at Bramley next summer when Richard and I will be looking to even up the series! Stay tuned!

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