Unfortunately there was cloud cover again

25 April 2008

Unfortunately there was cloud cover again last night so the re-freeze wasn’t quite as solid as we were hoping for, but there was a better transformation of the snow-pack from yesterday’s heat and we had a great morning of spring skiing. With the re-freeze being minimal we needed to be quick and move an hour ahead of the regular spring schedule. I started off the Borsat before skiing a superb Tour du Charvet into the Couloir du Mt. Blanc, where the freeze gave out just at the entrance of the Couoir and we needed to side-slip down to the bottom section. From there it was straight to the Col de la Madeleine and we just made it down as the freeze was giving up, then two Arcelle’s back to the piste to avoid the bottom, followed by the Mattis trees back to the piste to finish. Chris skied the Borsat before heading to the Cabin de la Garde and then the Col Pers to finish. Andreas and Henry started a three-day tour so good luck to them on the weather front as we all pray for a cold night followed by another sunny day or three. Jean Marc starts a tour tomorrow around La Grave and Kristina has gone with him so Suzanne will be answering the phone for a few days. Thanks Suzanne! I had Bernie-the-boot do some new foot-beds tonight and I’m really looking forward to trying then tomorrow.

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