A light freeze at altitude !

03 May 2013

I made it back to town last night much later than planned, as Peter C and I had a bit of a nightmare flight. First off we were almost an hour late taking off because too many people tried to bring on more carry-on they allowed. Then just as we were approaching the runway in Geneva they closed the airport due to thunderstorms and heavy run so after circling for a while we diverted to Lyon to take on some more fuel. To cut a long story short we were over three hours late while Paul and Derek were waiting for us in Geneva.

As for today’s skiing, the weather was better than forecast and we had just enough of a freeze and vis on the Pissaillas Glacier to have a cracking good ski. After tests off the Laisinant we skied 2 in the Combe 3300 and two Pays Desert, finishing just as the freeze gave out around 12:30. Chris’ team of Fay, Jenny and Suzanne were in the neighbourhood as was Henry, who was on a scouting mission for tomorrow.

I’m off soon to my annual co-pro meeting, which normally takes a good three hours!
Stay tuned and photos are up.

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