Wow ! A rare morning of perectly 'clean' spring snow.

04 May 2013

Yesterday’s drizzle cleared off overnight and we had an excellent re-freeze with beautiful sunshine this morning, and it all added up to some superb spring skiing. It’s rare to have such ‘clean’ conditions and with the layer of fresh snow that fell yesterday every exposure was perfect from the start. After a tester off the Laisinant we were straight into the Combe du Signal, which was fantastic, followed by a brilliant Col Pers of the highest quality. From there we had four fantastic runs taking various routes in the Grand Vallon and Peter, Paul, Derek, Tilly, Penny and I covered a huge amount of terrain at a good pace and without many stops. It was a remarkable morning of perfect snow and big slopes, and fingers crossed for something similar to finish our outstanding season with tomorrow.

Chris’ team skied at the Fornet as well and Henry finished his morning that way too. Derek, Peter and Paul went off to close the Folie Douce and I wish them luck as it should be a fairly serious session.

I’m tidying and shutting down my apartment ready for a departure tomorrow after skiing and I’ve one eye of the West Ham v Newcastle match. Come on boys! (Photos are posted)

PS I may not have time for an update tomorrow but log on from time to time during the summer for family news and photos.

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