It doesn't get any better !

06 May 2013

Wow, what a fabulous finish to the season. The forecast posted around Thursday was for a poor weekend with grey skies and no re-freeze to speak of, and our prospects weren’t looking all that rosy. But Friday we had some powder with a minimal freeze and just enough light to enjoy ourselves, then Saturday was an epic day at the Fornet with the ‘cleanest’ spring snow on the big slopes that I can ever remember. In fact, one of Chris’ neighbours said he hasn’t seen the Grand Vallon in that good of condition for 40-years! It was stunning!

The forecast was then for clouds rolling in Saturday afternoon and a difficult day on Sunday, but the clouds stayed away, it froze overnight and the sun made an appearance through a slight haze. It was game-on again and my team of Tilly, Penny, Derek, Peter and Paul headed towards Tignes for a change of scenery and finished off the season in style. We had a great opener off the Borsat followed by two fantastic runs off my shoulder and two wonderful shots down the ridiculously steep slopes further skiers-right towards the chairlift. We then had a terrific run down from the Motte off the edge of the Genepy, followed by two perfect runs in the Campanules, a lovely run in the funky Familial and then a great top half of the Spatule before the freeze gave out and we needed to cut back to the piste. Derek said it was the best end-of-season that he can remember, and Peter stated that he can’t remember such clean spring snow run after run.

Henry talked me into it and skied in Tignes as well on Sunday while Jenny, Suzanne, Louise and Chris returned for more splendour at the Fornet. It was truly remarkable and I’m sure everyone involved will be returning same time next year!. (PS I just got off Skype with Chris and he said he’s never done a Vallonnet like he did yesterday.)

It was an outstanding season all-round and one to be remembered, even if we didn’t see much sunshine. Stay tuned for periodic news over the summer and some photos of family life during the inter-season. Enjoy your summer and winter will be back before we know it!

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