Back from Canada!

21 May 2013

I’ve just returned from my trip to Canada to visit my family and found them all to be doing really well. It was a great visit with evening BBQ’s, games of cards, which my Dad normally won, and loads of sports on TV as it’s the ice hockey play-offs, the basketball playoffs, baseball season, as well as golf and Premiership football, the FA Cup final, plus Chelsea’s win. A sportsman’s paradise really! I saw friends I haven’t seen in 30 years and it was fantastic to follow up Andy’s visit to Val with catching up on other long-lost pals.

I took Millie and Katie out to play a few holes yesterday for their first time on a proper course. Millie played three holes while Katie played two, including two 450-yard par fours. It was great fun and the girls really enjoyed it followed by drinks and crisps at the 19th hole! Needless to say I was really pleased and they look like proper little golfers when they address the ball.

I’ve posted some new photos so do have a look.

And Happy Birthday to Andreas who turns 40 today!

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