Well done girls !

28 May 2013

Millie, Gill, Rosie and Viv all ran the 5 km Race for Life to raise money for cancer research on Sunday and it was a very impressive event, with over 3500 women taking part. There were fat ones, skinny ones, grandmothers, ladies on crutches, some in wheelchairs and some very young children, and most of them had someone dear to them represented on the back of their tee-shirts. It was all pretty emotional and I was very proud of the girls. (It was so well supported that they ran another run a couple of hours later). Photos are up so have a look.

On Monday we went off on a 4-hour bike ride and picnic followed by a woman’s basketball game in the afternoon between GB and Greece at the University. The girls absolutely loved it and it made a nice change from a normal bank holiday afternoon.

It was back to rain again today but Millie and I managed 3 holes of golf in a light drizzle this afternoon while Katie did a little putting and raked some bunkers. She’s a wickedly good little groundskeeper and should apply for a summer job.

Chris and Suzanne are arriving in the UK this weekend so hopefully we’ll see them at some point during their visit. Stay tuned.

PS Fernand Bonnevie, Nicole’s father has passed away. I’m not too sure how old he was but Fernand was well into his nineties and was a legend in Val d’Isere having taught skiing for many, many years and having played a now-famous role in an old French comedy, which was filmed in Val. (TJ can be seen standing in a crowd as a stand-in) His words (in French of course) “Plant your pole” are incredibly well know as the film is played almost yearly in France during the ski season. Our sympathies go out to the Ughetto and Bonnevie families.

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