What a disaster !

23 June 2013

My parents have been flooded out of their home in Calgary with one metre of water on the ground floor. Horrible situation and just what they don’t need with my Mum in hospital for a hip replacement. 75,000 homes have been evacuated and the damage to homes, businesses and roads and bridges is astronomical. The road to Banff is closed and the Saddledome (Flames hockey arena) is flooded up to the thirteenth row! Millie, Katie and I are scheduled to visit in five-weeks time but my parent my not be back in their home by then.

Meanwhile, all our problems seem pretty petty at the moment although Katie is having an almighty tantrum at this very minute. Blimey! Gill’s knee has settled down nicely and she is walking and cycling on it and she will return to work next Tuesday.

Sports Report- What a fabulous win for Justin Rose in the US Open last week and a great win for Ernie Els today with the Open looming. Wimbledon starts tomorrow, the Lions tour is in full swing, the Toronto Blue Jays have won ten-in-a-row and look like a team again, and the Hawks and Bruins series in on a knife edge. Brilliant! And I’m well pleased with the Hammers signing Andy Carroll. (New photos are up)

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