After a slightly colder night

26 April 2008

After a slightly colder night and with a deepening transformation it was game on this morning. Chris and I opened with an outstanding Kern, which we skied as far down as possible before cutting back to the Upper Chairlift. We then skied off the Verte en route to the Altiport and Lavachet to ski perfectly smooth snow again. From there the Sachette was brilliant top-to-bottom, followed by an excellent Campanules before finishing off with a very good Familial. Clive said, “That’s how I remember spring snow” as everything we skied was clean. I had Ellie along, as well as Dave C from Mountain Masters, who along with Clive kept us laughing. Rupert, Nick, Kay and Stephen have had a great few days with Chris as the past few mornings have been getting better and better. I think we’re in for another good day tomorrow but rumour has it the weather will deteriorate next week. We won’t panic quite yet as the forecast as often been wrong! Sports Report- Just watched Chelsea v Man U at Clive’s and what an exciting match it turned out to be with Chelsea winning 2-1. United are still in the driver’s seat for the Championship although they aren’t quite firing on all cylinders of late. I like the look of the Hammers leading Newcastle 2-0 but there is a long way to go and the Magpies have been a pain over the past couple of seasons.

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