Ready to go!

29 November 2013

I had a great drive down yesterday, making it in 12-hours door-to-door. It’s amazing how much time you save using the tunnel and how easy and efficient it is After using the tunnel for my last four trips I’ll never be using the ferry again. It was wonderful driving towards blue skies and snow covered mountains and it certainly whet the appetite.

It was a beautiful day here today and I sat on the terrace and enjoyed my lunch in just a long-sleeved t-shirt. The resort looks fantastic with excellent snow cover and bright blue sky and it makes you appreciate how lucky we are to be a part of this place.

Tomorrow’s forecast for opening day calls for 5 to 10 cm’s of snow, so we’ll wait and see how the visibility is, but a sunny day is forecast for Sunday.

I’m having trouble with my internet connection so please be patient with responses to bookings. Louise will be taking over in the next day or two but there are several that I’ve been working on that will need a reply.

(I’ve posted a few photos)

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