Flat light for opening day!

30 November 2013

We had a joyous reunion at the Gourmandine this morning with a pretty good turn-out. Andreas, Chris and I were all skiing and we had Johnny Alpine, Michael C, Nick and Adrian B, Penny, John, Margaret and Richard F along for our first session of the season.

Unfortunately the light was very flat for the most part and we needed to be careful of terrain traps, so we took it pretty easy for the most part. Penny took a superb ‘park-and-fly’ but unfortunately Richard beat her to the ‘splat du jour’ award on the last off-piste turn of the morning. Richard hurt his neck and hopefully he’ll be able to ski in the morning. Andreas took a couple of headers while I fell on the Verte piste on about my third turn and also forgot my beep this morning. As far as I know Chris and his team came through the morning unscathed!

It is still snowing lightly at 2PM and a sunny day is forecast for tomorrow, which will be greatly appreciated.

In case you haven’t seen it check out Big-Wave skiing on u-tube. Brilliant and what will they think of next! Thanks Jimmy.

And come on you Hammers! It’s a desperate time for Hammers fans at the moment and we badly need a win this afternoon.

PS Congratulations to John and Margaret who received their first free season ski pass today.

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