An unexpected Foehn!

02 December 2013

I opened the curtains and groaned this morning as I was greeted by clouds and a strong Foehn wind. What a bummer! We were expecting another gloriously sunny day with similar snow conditions to yesterday, but the overnight wind did some serious damage and much of the resort was cast in flat light. JM, Oli, Thomas, Andreas, Chris and I all headed to Tignes via various routes and made the best of it. There was some good pockets of snow here and there, but compared to yesterday’s extravaganza, the pickings were slim. Andreas and Oli probably had the best of the snow in the Chardonnet and my team found our best snow in the Little Lavachet. Now that we’re down the clouds have cleared away and we’ve a beautiful afternoon in store, which is great for Oli and JM as they’re entertaining the Ski Club all day while Andreas skis with his nephew and pals.

I had a good laugh with David Mac at the Gourmandine yesterday morning. It was great to see him again and I’d almost forgotten what a fantastic sense of humour the man possesses. Cheers Mac! And this morning I got my day started on the right foot by spilling my coffee while hastily trying to plant my morning kiss on Francoise’s cheek! What a berk!

Thanks to Johnny Alpine for the football followed by a wonderful curry last night, and my internet is now up and running so my life will be much easier.
PS Good photos yesterday Jean!

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