A top morning but for different reason!

03 December 2013

The sun returned in full force today and the Foehn wind was much calmer, making for a very pleasant day. The wind has unfortunately destroyed most of what was wonderful powder and we’ve needed to totally change our thought process and desires, and in tough conditions I thought today’s outing was a 10/10. Chris, Andreas and I all headed over the Col Pers for the first time this season and found lovely strips of frisset, creamy snow and soufflé dur and well as fragile supporting snow. It was an excellent trip scenic-wise with great ambience, and the hunt for the snow that worked was very satisfying. We had good skiing top-to-bottom and were thankful for snow that worked the entire way.

I had a rather unexpected and adventurous finish on the steep slopes under the Tommeuses chair. Penny fell above one of the big holes that was guarded by rocks and went for a bit of a slide. At first I didn’t worry too much thinking she’d be stopping soon, but eventually I had to jump around and head off to try to stop her before she hit the rocks. Fortunately she reined herself in just in the nick of time and Robert was able to come down and collect a ski and pole to save the day. It must have been great entertainment for those on the lift and what a finish on the way down to lunch! (Check photos)

JM and Oli are with the Ski Club and Oli skied Mont Roup for an outing then headed to the Col Pers this afternoon to finish off his day. Thomas was off and was enjoying some family time down the valley.

Jean Sport have decided to give Alpine clients a 30% discount on rental equipment this season, up from 20%. Bravo et merci beaucoup Didier!

It is tough out there and we’re scratching our heads a little as to what to ski tomorrow, but ‘ when the going gets weird-the weird turn pro!’ Stay tuned!

PS Great photos again Jean, merci!

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