Well skied Jamie!

04 December 2013

It was sunny and warm today and the wind has pretty much died away and is no longer a factor. (but the ‘damage done’ as Neil Young would say) Anyway, Andreas and I headed back up to the Fornet to take a trip through the Pays Desert, which was it’s usual scenic self with some good pitches of snow. Olivier came through with his Ski Club group so he was in the same neighbourhood, and it was a very pleasant outing.

We had binding problems in our group and ended up being overtaken from below and had our slope stolen just as I was about to ski it. Their tracks were all over the shop so we had nothing left to ski, which as you know would make my blood boil.

Margaret had a new pair of skis today and at 11:30 we finally noticed she’d skied the entire morning in ‘walk’ mode. Blimey Margaret, good effort!

I managed a couple of great photos of Jamie who is skiing with Andreas. I’d be proud of that body position myself Jamie, bravo and well skied.

And we’d like to wish Suzanne a very Happy Birthday today!

PS No comment on last night’s game!

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