Another very pleasant day!

05 December 2013

It was another stunning day on the weather front and everyone is soaking up the sun and enjoying having the mountains to ourselves. My team headed to Tignes via the Borsat where we met up with Olivier before skiing one on my shoulder, the meadows under the Borsat West after a 10 to 15-minute ‘skin’, the Familial and some perfect pistes in between. All in all it was really very pleasant!

Andreas and Jamie headed up to Mont Roup for some exercise and solitude and had some decent skiing as well. Good result boys! JM was about with the Ski Club while Thomas, Chris and Suzanne were out for a look around.

Margaret bought herself a new pair of Movement skis from Jean Sports the other day and says that they’re the best pair of skis she’s ever had. I think it’s fantastically positive to be buying new off-piste skis at 76 and it was lovely to see her smiling about her new purchase. Bravo Margaret!

I had the boys over for a chilli and a team meeting last night as it’s not that often we can get all of us around at the same time. We had a great discussion and everyone is looking forward to the season and beyond.

There is no real threat of snow forecast but some cloud and wind are due to arrive this evening, so fingers crossed for a decent day tomorrow.

And Happy Birthday Tansy!

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