Grateful for the sunshine!

06 December 2013

Andreas and I headed up to the Fornet to ski the Pays Desert and Col Pers but the wind picked up to the point where they had to shut down the Pissailles Glacier and we were forced into a U-turn and headed back the other way. Andreas headed towards the Chardonnet and I never heard from him again while I skied under the Borsat chair before finally skiing the Tour du Charvet, where I met Jean Marc and his merry band of Ski Clubbers. It was another morning of skiing anything that worked, from soufflé dur, to soft creamy snow, the odd strip of frisset and some superb pistes.

The good news today was that the forecasted clouds stayed away and we skied all day long in beautiful sunshine, but the bad new is no snow is forecast in the near future. It’s so pleasant that I’ve been eating my lunch on my terrace every afternoon, but I’d trade that in for some snow and a fresh canvas!

The best news of late is that Physio Lou and Gavin had a baby daughter, Mea Louise, five days ago. Mum and daughter are both doing well and Gavin of course is an extremely proud papa. Congratulation you two!

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