Making the best of it!

07 December 2013

It’s getting tougher by the day but we’re still enjoying ourselves and finding some good skiing under beautiful blue skies. The boys are working hard and doing a terrific job to make the best of the conditions on offer. We’re skiing various forms of soufflé, from hard to soft and creamy, some strips of frisset, and the odd patch of deep goblet. Today they opened the Signal poma and my team were the first in but the pickings were slim. It was a matter of ‘sniffing’ about to find nice strips of supporting snow and the odd bit of goblet, and just find a safe way down. It was good fun as I love the challenge of finding the best route when it’s not particularly pretty, and it was great to be out there again and have a change of scenery. From there we had an excellent run in the Combe 3300 before heading over the Col Pers to finish.

Chris, Andreas, JM, and Olivier were all in the same sector and we all skied more or less variations of the same slopes.

My highlight of the day was watching Luis Suarez’s four mid-week goals on a Match of the Day repeat at Johnny Alpine’s this afternoon. Pure class!

Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow!

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