Toughest morning yet this season!

09 December 2013

After nine consecutive days of sunshine it was a disappointing shock to awake to cloudy skies this morning knowing that a difficult task had just become even tougher. With these tricky conditions being able to see is imperative to reading the snow to find the best line and to give one the confidence to ski instead of becoming defensive, and without vis it was tough going. Still, Olivier, JM, Andreas and I were all out there doing our best to maximize the morning.

My team started off hiking up to the Borsat West and the walk up was the highlight of the morning as the ambience was impressive and it’s always an adventure. The skiing was trickier than I’d hope due to the lack of visibility but Tim (first morning) and Jean did the business. Well done boys! From there we skied off the Motte and I resorted to spending some time on technique, which usually only happens on difficult mornings. Good work again on the photos Jean, merci!

Andreas went adventure seeking on the Tour du Balme and they had their solitude and ambience but suffered as well from not having enough light to make the most of the snow. Good work Team Andreas as it’s not an easy place to get to anymore! I’m not too sure what Oli and JM skied but they’re out there all day and there is a saying that goes, “Better them than me!” Good luck boys!

I had a superb steak at the Perdrix last night with Derek, Paul, Peter and Clare Burns. It was a good laugh and thanks very much boys!

Wish us some visibility for tomorrow because no snow is in the forecast.

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