Some surprisingly good goblet!

10 December 2013

Hallelujah, the sun was back out today giving us a chance to make something of the morning! After yesterday everyone was smiling and happy to be skiing under blue skies again, and we had a pretty jolly good ski. My team started off in the sun skiing soufflé in the Combe 3300 on the Pissaillas before heading over the Col Pers to ski more soufflé with the odd soft bit thrown in. We then headed above the ‘L’ from the Laisinant to ski some beautiful deep goblet, which I must say was bloody good! (see photos) We then finished off an excellent morning with a good piste blast down La Daille.

Chris had some new skiers today, Roz and Bernie, who’s from Cape Town, and they skied the Fornet as well and finished above the ‘L’ while JM skied the Lavachet before ‘skinning’ out. Henry is back in action and I know he finished off around the Col de la Madeleine, Oli was on piste, Pietro was skiing with Fiona, and Andreas and Thomas were off today.

The cold nights are slowly improving the snow and some options are finally starting to open up. Strips of frisset are appearing as well as areas of deep goblet, which is wonderful to ski now but has a price as it will cause instability and danger when the snow finally comes. No snow is expected in the near future so we’ll happily enjoy anything that comes our way at the moment.

And we’d like to wish Chrissy a very happy birthday.

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