What a fantastic day we had today!

29 April 2008

What a fantastic day we had today! Yesterday’s rain cleared long enough for a re-freeze but when we awoke to see snow in the trees in the village it was game on. I put my goggles in my bag just in case but when we arrived at the top of Bellevarde Tignes and the Motte were in clear blue skies. We started with some lovely snow off the Verte, then entered the Borsat North from fairly high up to access a long pitch to the bottom. From there we skied the meadows down to the Funicular and on up where we had a great run on the Glacier from the summit down to the Leisse Chair. We then skied the little Face Nord and 161-turns later started a short ‘skin’ to the Tour du Balme, which was excellent as well. Henry and his friend Ginny skied with us and it was great to have him along. Chris skied with just Greg and the two of them took no prisoners on another big morning. Andreas was suffering with a ‘chemical reaction’ after the Val d’Isere Open, which slipped from his grasp on a ‘technical’ hitch. He finished joint-first on score but the other fellow had a five handicap to Andreas’ four. (That will teach you for being so good and not lying about your handicap Andreas) Anyway, were not too sure about tomorrow’s weather but rumour has it some snow may arrive for Red Ray and Penny’s arrival as Red aims to notch up 60 days this season, and keep his job! Have fun at Old Trafford you Man U supporters such as Eric H, Chris and Matt, John F, Geoff and Ant, and I’m sure I’ve forgot one or two of you.

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