One run too far?

11 December 2013

It was another lovely day with mild temperatures and the sun beating down all day long. Chris and I had some great skiing starting with the Combe off the Fresse chair, which was a wonderful start to the morning. We followed it up with a nice run in the lower Familial then bussed over to Solaise to ‘skin’ to the Col de la Madeleine, where we met Henry. By this stage we’d had a cracking morning and Chris headed home while I was greedy and decided to try the Marmottons into the Marmottes. The snow was very good deep goblet but getting to it and out at the end was jolly hard work and pretty tiring. We all headed home with our tongues hanging out wondering if we’d skied one run too many, but with these tough conditions you have to have a look, but you can’t win them all!

JM and Oli were heading up towards the Sana, and I’m not too sure if they were going to the Col or all the way to the summit. We’ll find out later when we all have a beep search practice and a quick beer afterwards this evening.

Andreas came up this afternoon to ski with Ness and Victor and I’m sure he will have enjoyed that enormously. His kids are getting big and will be skiing him off the mountain soon. I should know as I can hardly keep up with Millie when she’s in the mood!

Stay tuned for more news and photos tomorrow.

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