Very satisfying!

12 December 2013

There was no change in the weather today but with each passing cold night the snow that was once winded and unskiable is slowly breaking up and become pleasurable to ski. We still need to ‘sniff’ about and pick our line but it’s becoming easier and our options are improving. (Check photos)

I went from Plan A to Plan D at the very last minute this morning (egged on by Chris) and we had a surprisingly good ski after ‘skinning’ up towards the Crete du Genepy. We had good snow from top to bottom with decent length pitches before we needed to stop to avoid wandering plaque. The sunshine is an absolute must not only to read the snow and keep it pleasurable, but also to avoid the plaque and protect our knees from injury.

Andreas was skiing again today and he skied off the Fresse, the Lower Familial and the Epaule du Charvet with new clients Kim and Trevor, and they had a great morning. Oli and his team ’skinned’ to the Lores, which was excellent and Oli’s wife Claire is in town skiing with him. It’s lovely to see her again and hopefully she’ll be able to spend more time here now that their children have grown up. JM was skiing privately today and Thomas and Henry were off.

We had a evening beep search last night followed by a drink a JM’s and it reminds one that we should all practice more often. Andreas had the equipment that Alpine bought with the money from David’s fund and it’s an impressive bit of kit that allows you to search for between one and four beacons. Thomas feels we should spend more time training on really horrible days when the wind is howling and we struggle for things to do, and he’s dead right so be ready!

More sun is forecast for the morning with a possible flat-light day on Saturday. Yuck!

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