An excellent Lores!

13 December 2013

Olivier skied the Lores yesterday so we knew it was worth the walk and with glorious weather yet again we set off for a fantastic outing. Andreas had Chrissy and Tony W, and Chris skied with Roz while I had Jean and Tim in my group. Andreas had a business lunch so he set off like a jack-rabbit and they made it up in around one-hour-and-forty minutes or so, which is bloody good going, and he ended up early for lunch! The rest of us had no deadline so we paced ourselves to around two-hours-and twenty minutes. It’s a long ways up there but the ski down was wonderful with frisset on the gentler slopes and deep goblet in the steeps. The ambience was terrific, the snow was excellent, and with great company it was a brilliant morning, which left us in a totally satisfied but fatigued state. Thanks for lunch Tim! (See photos)

I must say bravo to Jean for a huge effort today. At 72 he wasn’t sure if he’d ever make it up to the Lores again but when asked he voted oui and he had an outstanding time. I’d like to congratulate Roz as well who is here on an ‘initiation’ week. She asked Chris if they could do something for the day but she definitely got more than she’d bargained for as it was a big walk with some very impressive slopes. Well done Roz! And trust Chris to work in the Lores on an intro week, no wonder he’s known as ‘cheeky monkey’!

Olivier went off towards the Aiguille Percee to do some ‘skinning’ with his team and I’m sure he’ll come up with something interesting. That sector is still closed so you must work hard for your turns in that area. JM was skiing with Jo H and her husband David and was working on some technique when I saw him around 2 o’clock.

Stay tuned for more skiing news tomorrow!

PS I must add it was one of the best trips to the Lores that I can remember. We usually ski it on a spring-snow surface but it’s rare to take it on with such deep snow. Brilliant! And I just realized that it’s Friday the 13th!

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