A great day ruined by a collision!

14 December 2013

It was overcast this morning and after a run of stunning sunshine everyone was a little flat at the Gourmandine. We did however ‘sniff’ out some good skiing and managed to take advantage of some sunny patches, which made a huge difference. (Check photos)

My team skied some lovely gobelet in the bowl off the Fresse before taking the Olympique down to watch some of the World Cup Men’s GS. We then headed to Solaise and stopped for a hot chocolate while waiting for the clouds to clear and sure enough we got our spot of sunshine to ski the big slopes between the Cugnai and the Arcelle. After yesterday’s efforts it was a relaxed morning with a couple of cracking runs.

Olivier stopped early today, which allowed Dave C and I to watch the most wonderful match between City and Arsenal at Johnny Alpine’s. It was end-to-end and fun to watch. I thought of Derek who was at the match with his son Gregor and Derek couldn’t believe his luck with the choice of game that he was invited to!

Up to this point I’d had a wonderful day but it was marred by the news of John Ellis being run down on the piste in Tignes. He was minding his own business and was taken out from behind by an out-of-control skier. John is in the hospital with six broken ribs and the Ellis’ season is now in tatters. The bastard stopped to throw John’s ski back uphill towards him then buggered off never to be seen again! That kind of behaviour just makes your blood boil and reminds one of how dangerous skiing on the piste has become. Everyone associated with Alpine wishes John a speedy recovery.

Stay tuned for better news tomorrow!

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