Fantastic effort from JM and Oli's team!

16 December 2013

What a great day that was! I skied with Robert and Caroline and their 15-year-old daughter Sophie, along with their friends Mike and Julie with their 16-year-old daughter Justine, and we had a cracking good day. We started off going over the Col Pers behind Chris’ team, and after dealing with an interesting entrance it was lovely soufflé all the way to the bottom. Much of it has improved with a little layer of sugary snow on top, which gave it a lovely feel. I must say Chris ‘sniffed’ out an excellent line and it was good skiing with fantastic scenery and no one else around. From there I tried a little pitch off the Laisinant chair where we found some nice gobelet before finishing off with a variation of the Super L.

Olivier phoned while I was in the L to say that all 12 of his and JM’s skiers had made it to the summit of the Sana. They were about to have some lunch and admire the stunning views before heading back down. Bravo to everyone involved as you don’t reach the summit for free! Great effort!

Meanwhile Andreas was back in action (check Facebook) and he skied some lovely strips of our dwindling stash of frisset with Bumble, Chrissy and James. I could tell by his Facebook message that he’s not advertising where as we might need it again over the next couple of days. Well done and my lips are sealed!

I went back out this afternoon with my team and we finished up with a funky trip off the front of the Cugnai into the top of the Super L before cutting out back to the piste. It was in the sun at that time of day and nice finish to a really fun day.

Finally I can report that we are expecting some snow on Thursday, which will be a big relief. I don’t know how much is coming but even 5 to 10cm’s will help enormously. Stay tuned.

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