Great work boys!

17 December 2013

It might have been the last of the sunshine for a few days so we all tried to take advantage of the blue skies and stunning lighting and visibility. Andreas had a great ‘sniff’ today and led the way to Terre Rouge (Glacier Suspendu) with JM and Oli right behind him. They had fantastic skiing in the top bowl before needing to work their way out, which was a little tricky in places. Any good skiing at the moment comes with a price, whether it’s a long walk, a nasty entrance, or a tough exit, or even a combination of any or all. Nothing comes for free and any good result comes from careful planning and taking a bit of a chance, and the reward of spending time in good snow is well appreciated by all those involved. The boys have done a brilliant job so far this season putting on a good show in tough conditions and I’m really proud of them. Bravo boys!

Chris and Thomas were entertaining Tom Lindsay’s team and Tom came into the shop to say what a wonderful day they’d had. They really enjoyed the ‘skinning’, scenery, ambience and the skiing topped it off. Thanks Tom, the boys appreciated it!

I had another excellent day with the Lambert and Cook families as we ‘skinned’ into the next bowl along on the Crete du Genepy and were rewarded with some great snow. We didn’t get down until 2 o’clock and we had a seriously good piste work-out this afternoon with 13-year-old Zoë joining us. My legs were killing me at the end and the Face du Bellevarde wasn’t the best way to finish the day, although the teenagers loved it.

Grey skies are forecast for tomorrow (yuck) with some snow arriving on Thursday (yea!).

PS Apparently Tiger Woods is sniffing around the Blizzard Hotel as it’s the base of the US Woman’s Ski Team. Let her concentrate Tiger!

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