One week to go!

19 December 2013

It really truly was a flat-light day today and with only a dusting of new snow most of us dabbled a little off-piste and spent some time on piste working on technique. I finished up a great four days with the Lambert’s and Cook’s, and we had a good mix of off-piste mornings with some ‘skinning’ and some hard piste skiing with technique in the afternoons. Check today’s photos for our foray off-piste this morning as it turned out to be fairly adventurous and cracking good fun.

A 16-year-old English lad was killed in an avalanche in Austria today with the risk rated at 1/5. Check Henry’s site for more details and a link to the Daily Telegraph’s coverage of the accident. We’ve been skiing all winter so far at 1/5 and this tragic event t just shows the importance of always concentrating and taking nothing for granted.

A few centimetres of snow fell during the day, with perhaps a bit more towards the Fornet, and hopefully by morning we may get enough to make a difference.

I’m starting to get excited as Gill, Millie and Katie arrive one week tonight. It will probably be their last full winter here so I’m planning on them making the most of it and having a ridiculous amount of fun!

And what a fantastic win for the Hammers last night, shame it wasn’t worth three points, but a win is always a tonic for the confidence!

PS I just checked Henry’s site and the article wasn’t there, so try the Daily Telegraph direct.

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