Brilliant skiing in 30 cm's!

20 December 2013

With the weather pattern over the past few days the chances were that the Fornet would have received significantly more snow than elsewhere in the resort, and sure enough, that was the case again this morning! Andreas headed straight up and had great skiing up on the Glacier, along with Henry while Chris, Thomas and my team worked our way up to the Fornet from Bellevarde.

My team skied the Grand Vallon and Combe du Signal en route to the Glacier where the boys were putting in tracks in the Combe 3300. In the Combe there was a good 30 cm’s of fresh snow, maybe more if you’re a fisherman, and it was the best snow since the second day of the season. Quite brilliant really!

A nasty fog rolled in around noon and it stayed for the rest of the day. Thankfully the boys had skied the Combe before me in decent vis and I could keep follow their tracks and keep them close to help me find my way. Oli had a tough time in the Familial but eventually found his way out, and I can tell you it’s a horrible experience when you get stuck in a real pea-souper. Well done Oli!

I went down to Bourg to see John E in the hospital and he’s been there a week tomorrow! He’s in good spirits and starting to move around a little and hopefully he can come home by Monday. Fingers crossed John!

Sun is forecast for tomorrow so stay tuned!

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