I was the only one on duty this morning

30 April 2008

I was the only one on duty this morning and with grey skies and a minimum freeze as well as doubts about how well the snow transformed yesterday, thoughts of potential ‘stinker’ entered my head. After a quick test off the Verte my worries evaporated as the snow was firm so we headed towards the Palafour where we skied one off the Palafour, another on the front-side of the Aiguille Percee, followed by an excellent Sache with five cm’s of powder on the steep slope followed by perfect ‘spring’ to the bottom. We then finished with a quick Campanules and another ‘stinker’ was avoided, thank goodness! It started snowing around 2PM and 30 cm’s are forecast on the Glaciers with 15 cm’s expected at 2500 metres. Yahoo! And bring on the match tonight as Clive has invited a house-full to watch it at his place. Thanks Clive!

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