A wonderful morning to pay tribute!

21 December 2013

Wow, what a morning! We knew there was great snow at the Fornet from our foray yesterday, and the fog that blanketed the sector from noon to the end of the day kept it pretty much trackless. Andreas and I dove straight into the Grand Vallon, followed by the Combe du Signal en route to the Glacier. No one had been over the Col and we didn’t need to be invited twice as it’s always a treat to have the place to ourselves. After an excellent Col Pers we headed back upstairs to finish off with another Grand Vallon. Chris headed straight up to the Pissailles and had some wonderful snow in the Pays Desert before coming over the Col to finish his morning.

I thought of Migo today as we skied in the Grand Vallon and when we came up for our second run at the end of the morning his dear friends had left some prayer flags in his memory, right beside David’s Memorial. It was a moving moment and Chrissy and I know exactly how it feels, and everyone at Alpine reflects every time they get off that lift. The Signal opens some of the best skiing in the world and has given us all such great pleasure over the years, but over the past three seasons it has taken six lives that were all too close to home. My heart goes out to everyone concerned and to anyone who has lost a loved one to the mountains.

Sports Report- I’d like to mention that Peter C ran a sub-three-hour marathon in Dublin recently. He missed out last year by 10 seconds and if you know Peter you’ll know how much that tiny-weenie ten seconds has been bothering him over the past year. Well done Peter for a great effort, terrific perseverance, and you can now happily retire from marathon running knowing your time started with a 2! Bravo!

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