That was a first!

24 December 2013

The forecast today was for cloudy skies and strong Foehn winds, which were to increase as the morning wore on. It was decision time at the Gourmandine and Chris and I opted to head back to the Fornet one more time before the storm hit, hoping to get over the Col Pers. It was blowing a hoolie but we made it to the Col and were just about to get on the Cascade chair when the STVI decided the wind was too violent and they pulled our plug. Not to be denied we ‘skinned’ up to the Col, which in 32 years was a first, and we made it in 45-minutes or so. We were rewarded with great snow again and it was a cracking good morning as conditions were tough everywhere in the resort.

We ran into the glove-less Herve from the ESF who ‘skinned’ up behind us en route to the Gros Caval and his pal Christophe who had cut around from the Grand Vallon. They are a couple of real characters who do not lack imagination and it’s always nice to cross paths with them on the mountain.

I’d like to give John D a round of applause for his efforts this morning, as he walked really well and skied beautifully. Pascale also skied well and didn’t miss a beat while skiing first behind me on the first pitch, which was fairly steep. Bravo to you both!

Jonathan, in Chris’ group, took a heavy fall and landed on his shoulder coming down from the Grand Torsai. Hopefully he’ll be alright and be able to continue on tomorrow. And John E is still in the hospital, 12 days and counting. He was hoping to get out today so fingers crossed!

JM and Andreas decided on a change of scenery today and they headed up Bellevarde en route to Mont Roup. I’m not too sure how they got on but they’ll have had an adventure and a good ski.

The forecast isn’t great over the next couple of days with high winds expected. Much of the resort was closed today and tomorrow the winds are anticipated to increase, so hopefully we’ll be able to get some skiing in. Snow is also expected over the next two days, but how much is the million dollar question. Stay tuned!

PS Update: Great news, John E has been discharged from the hospital this afternoon. Just in time for Christmas!

PSS It turns out that I’ve been so involved in my own little world of mountains, snow, sun and fun that I’ve been totally oblivious to the storms and devastation in England. I’ve had no idea the Gill and the girls may not arrive on Thursday night. Blimey. Andreas is down having a Swedish Christmas with his family, his Dad and Tansy’s parents, so skoal to you all, Jean Marc is enjoying a family French Christmas, and Merry Christmas from everyone at Alpine.

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