Not the easiest of mornings!

25 December 2013

Two days ago I needed to sort through 111 photos, yesterday 59 shots, and today I only took 8, which tells a story in itself! It was grey and miserable with a strong Foehn wind blowing and it wasn’t the most inspiring morning of the season, but the boys all went out and made the best of it. JM and Andreas headed up Solaise and ended up skiing the Combe du Signal a few times, which was quite decent on a difficult day. After fives days on the trot at the Fornet Chris and I decided to head the other way and the pickings were pretty slim. We ended up doing a beep search and I finished the morning doing technique with Michael R, who did really well. Bravo Michael!

I spoke to my girls on the phone this morning and they didn’t have any electricity today. Fortunately they’re going to Auntie Viv’s for Christmas lunch and she luckily does have the juices flowing so they’ll have their wonderful feast as usual! Bon appetit and see you tomorrow girls!

If you check Henry’s blog you’ll see some photos Andreas took yesterday while heading to Mont Roup with Jean Marc. They set off a few plaques from 50 metres away, which shows how fragile the snow pack is becoming and how dangerous it will be when the snow finally arrives.

Hopefully we’ll receive a few centimetres of snow tonight and the wind is forecast to calm down a little so we should have an easier time of it tomorrow.

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