Great skiing mixed with emotion!

26 December 2013

It was an emotional morning as I was thinking about David and looking forward to seeing the girls, who I haven’t seen for a month, and the combination had me going first thing. I had a nice moment with Chrissy at the Gourmandine, as well as JM, Andreas and Jerry, and then we all set off to enjoy the fresh snow that fell overnight. Visibility was poor but the new snow made for wonderful skiing and everyone enjoyed a great morning.

I started off-piste on piste on Solaise and after 110-turns stop and turned around to find that I’d lost most of my group. Fortunately all roads lead to Rome and we met up at the bottom and headed up Bellevarde where JM, Andreas, Chris and Thomas were skiing. Between us we skied the Fontaine Froide, Bonnevie’s Drag, off the Mont Blanc, the Borsat and the Familial, all of which were excellent.

It has snowed lightly during the day and the forecast for tomorrow is for full on sunshine, which would be wonderful first day for Gill and the girls, who’ve been stuck in pouring rain in England. I’m hoping the roads are decent for my trip to Lyon and a miracle at Upton Park this afternoon. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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