What a top morning that was!

27 December 2013

As promised the sun was shining this morning and the entire Alpine team headed up to the Fornet for a fantastic morning of great snow, ambience, and unparalleled scenery. (Thomas had Gordon and Jordan from Canada and they were suitably impressed and are already talking about a return visit next season! Well done Thomas!) My team warmed up under the bubbles as John missed the cable-car and then the Signal poma unexpectedly opened just as we were arriving allowing us to take advantage and open the Combe du Signal, which is always a treat. We circled back to do it again before joining JM for a trip over the Col. Meanwhile, Andreas, Chris and Thomas were all filling their boots in the same sector and Andreas and Chris had a trip in the Pays Desert before heading over the Col. Andreas had an surprise rest on the Grand Torsai as Mike pulled out a bottle of Champagne to celebrate life in general, which is as good as it gets! Skoal!

Red Ray volunteered to take Millie and Katie skiing and they’ve had a wonderful time and have just arrived home for lunch at 2:35. It was a very generous offer considering a sunny day with fresh snow was forecast, thanks Ray!

My trip to the airport went well last night and it was wonderful to see the girls again. We had cuddles and kisses and a huge chat in the car before they finally fell asleep. Unfortunately my night took a turn for the worse at 1PM when I made the mistake of checking the Hammers score. Not only did we lose, but everyone below us won and we’re now in the relegation zone. ——!

I like to say a big hello to Mark S who we haven’t seen in years but he’s been following the diary avidly and got back in touch through Facebook.

Tomorrow’s forecast is for a partly sunny morning followed by light snow in the afternoon. Stay tuned!

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