Well done Jean Marc!

28 December 2013

There were a few avalanches in neighbouring resorts with a couple of deaths over the past couple of days, and with poor light and wind I wasn’t in the mood for exploring this morning. My team was pretty relaxed so I spent the morning around Bellevarde and in the Familial, and we had some good skiing with moments of sunshine. I forgot my camera today so I haven’t posted any ski photos but Jean did post a few on his link. Merci Jean!

Meanwhile, Chris, Andreas, and Jean Marc headed towards Tignes and skied the Chardonnet followed by the Sache, and Chris finished with the Familial. Millie went off with the Club des Sports and Gill and Katie had a ski with Ray.

Jean Marc went out this afternoon with Peter and Clare C, Mike A, Tilly, and a couple others to do some rope and crevasse rescue work. Well done you guys and what a great way to make the most of a tricky afternoon! And Millie did her first beep search on the terrace early this evening, and did pretty well.

With the Hammers being down 2-1 early in the second-half I was pretty worried but thankfully they fought back for a 3-3 draw. Still, it’s a tough time in Hammerland!

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