'Maximum turns' of high quality!

29 December 2013

It started off a little overcast, which probably put some people off for awhile, but it cleared quickly and with 15 to 20cm’s of fresh snow we enjoyed a ‘maximum-turn’ type morning. All the boys, (JM, Olivier, Chris Andreas, Thomas, Henry and I) headed up to the Fornet and were treated to a stunning morning off the Pyramid, Signal and the Glacier. My team skied three rotations off the Pyramid before heading upstairs for four runs on the Pissailles, while JM was the first over the Col for the second time in three days, and after filling their boots upstairs Andreas and Thomas finished off in the Grand Vallon. It was fabulous skiing and all the boys’ teams did the business. Bravo!

I unfortunately won the ‘splat du jour’ award with a ‘park-and-fly’ of the highest quality in the meadows just above the river with about three turns left in the morning. Fortunately I didn’t hurt myself but I must stop throwing myself to the ground with such violence as I’m not as young as I act!

Olivier is skiing with the Foster family and it’s Suzie’s first time off-piste in about 20 years. She tore her knee up skiing with Giles in Alpine’s infancy, and has finally taken the plunge to get back off-piste. Welcome back Suzie!

We took the girls ice-skating this afternoon to check out their new skates and so far my plan of ‘having so much fun that we can’t take anymore’ is working out nicely.

Friday has been called ‘Black Friday’ in France due to all the avalanche deaths, which range from 4 to 6 depending on your source. The French media is really having a go at off-piste skiing and trying to stir up support for some sort of ban. It’s horrible news but hopefully the accidents will stop and things will settle down and go away.

Sun is forecast for tomorrow so stay tuned for skiing news and great photos, on Jean and my links, as well as out Facebook page.

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