A lovely change of scenery!

31 December 2013

The sun was shinning again today and after several days at the Fornet it was time for a change of scenery and to have a look at what’s been happening around the mountain. Chris and I ‘skinned’ half-way up the Crete du Genepy where we had some lovely skiing en route to a second climb up to Mont Roup, which was also great skiing. Andreas and Olivier went directly to Mont Roup from the Grand Pre and Thomas initiated Craig’s boy Jamie and Adam with a climb up to the Crete du Genepy. I’m not too sure what JM and Henry skied, but it has another excellent day on the mountain. (Great work on the photos Jean)

Olivier put on a wonderful drinks party at Jean Sports last night with delicacies from the Pyrenees. It was great to have everyone together and Oli went to a lot of work to organise it and prepare all the food. Bravo and merci beaucoup Oli! Pietro and Sue were there with their children Ben and Lorenza, both who have grown enormously since the last time I saw them.

John E is slowly on the mend but is a little wary of the ‘silly season’ drinks party circuit as he doesn’t want to come down with an illness. Needing to cough or sneeze with 7 broken ribs would be incredibly painful and having a chest problem would make breathing extremely difficult as well. We miss you John and look forward to you getting out and about again.

Andreas, Thomas and Oli have all been out all day and have spent the afternoon at the Fornet skiing the Col Pers, which is still very good indeed!

Millie and Katie are so busy skiing with their cousins that I haven’t yet skied with them. Maybe I’ll get a look in tomorrow! Stay tuned as another sunny morning is forecast with a chance of a few flakes during tomorrow evening.

PS And Happy New Year to you all!

PSS The avalanche risk is still rated 4/5, which is over-rated in my view and sending the wrong signal out to the public. There is definitely trouble lurking out on the mountain, but a risk of 4 should put a little fear into people and make them think seriously about what and where they are skiing, but at the moment people are ignoring the risk level and going everywhere imaginable without incidents. I hope when a more serious 4 rating is posted that skiers and boarders will respect it and take more caution. Is our current situation a bit of a ‘cry wolf’ scenario, which could lead to problems in the future?

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