Back to winter!

02 January 2014

After days of glorious sunshine it was back to flat-light this morning. It started snowing around 7 o’clock so we had a little cushion and with some wind-transported snow it was pretty soft and forgiving in places. I started off the Mont Blanc piste for a nice little opener, followed by a Lower Borsat, the Rosolin (with a short ‘skin’), the Combe les Lanches, the Tignes alti-port and then off the edge of the pistes home as we were hit by a blizzard, which shut down some lifts.

Chris was caught out by the sudden storm in the middle of a ‘skin’ to the Borsat West and needed to feel his way back to the piste. Well done Chris as being stuck in a white-out on your own is never comfortable! Andreas skied the Borsat, Chardonnet and Familial before the storm and I’m not too sure what the rest of the boys skied.

Jenny had a scare as she fell on a rock and hit her knee with some force in les Lanches. She continued on in pain for the rest of the morning and hopefully she’ll be ready to ski again tomorrow.

It cleared up this afternoon just when we though we were in for a seriously decent snowfall, and rain is forecast in the village tomorrow morning. Whatever happens we received a nice cushion of snow today and rain in the village means snow upstairs, so stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

I forgot my camera this morning so all the ski shots are on Jean’s link.

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