Happy Birthday Ness!

03 January 2014

At 6AM the stars were shining but by ‘show-time’ it had clouded over and it was threatening to snow. The team headed up to the Fornet and we had the best of the early light and even managed a run in the Pays Desert/3300 with some sunshine. By the time my team headed over the Col Pers it was snowing and we were back to flat-light, but the snow was so good it didn’t matter and everyone had a great ski.

Thomas and I started off the Laisinant Express for a nice little warm-up before skiing a run in the Combe du Signal, followed by a run in the Pays Desert/Combe du 3300 in the sun. We then followed Chris over the Col Pers and I finished on Bellevarde while Thomas and Chris skied the Grand Vallon. Andreas, Olivier and Henry were all skiing in the same neighbourhood and JM went home yesterday.

Ness showed up at the Gourmandine with a huge smile and some balloons as it’s her birthday today. Happy Birthday Ness, and have a great day! (Check photos)

If you want to see where Michael Schumacher’s horrific accident happened check the photos on the Daily Mail website. It’s a shame that the press are using this accident as an opportunity to attack off-piste skiing and after seeing the photos you’ll realize how ridiculous that is.

Snow is forecast for this evening and we’re expecting some great skiing again tomorrow.

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