A sad day on the mountain!

04 January 2014

It was grey today but for a flat-light day the visibility was decent for the most part and with a little fresh snow overnight we were looking at a pretty good morning of skiing. Unfortunately Jean fell in the Little Borsat West and needed to be taken off the mountain by the Pisteurs, who were brilliant. I don’t yet know the extent of the damage to Jean’s knee but it doesn’t look good and I fear his season is over, but fingers crossed that it’s not as bad as that! Everyone associated with Alpine feels for you and wishes you the very best Jean! That took the wind out of our sails but we skied on and thought of Jean.

Meanwhile, Thomas skied the Borsat and Chardonnet, Chris was up on the Motte and skied down via the Combe les Lanches, Oli skied the Campanules and I’m not sure what else, and as the weather intensified we persevered and had a good morning.

Katie was having a trial with the Club des Sports today about getting into a stronger group with her pal Anna. Apparently they did race training all morning and she did really well, but we’ll find out later what her coach thought. I was proud of her anyway as she thoroughly enjoyed her racing and had a big smile on her face at lunchtime.

It snowing fairly hard as of 2:25PM and I’ll re-post when I have more news on Jean and Katie. Stay tuned!

Latest: Jean is back and in a brace that can be seen on his Photos of the Day link. He’s in the brace for 10 weeks and we’ll see how he is after that. Katie has another trail afternoon tomorrow, which is good news. They wanted her on 10cm longer skis so we’ll see how she goes.

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