'Maximum-turns' all morning long!

05 January 2014

Radio Val reported winds of 75kph during the night, meaning snow was being transported and the result was an avalanche risk of 4/5 this morning. The day started off overcast but it cleared quickly, especially on the Tignes-side, and we all enjoyed a fabulous ski. It was a ‘maximum-turn’ session and we put in a lot of miles quite quickly. To give you an idea, my team skied the Face de Bellevarde, two on the Fontaine Froide, one off the Verte, one on Bonnevie’s drag and then under the Mont Blanc, a Campanules, one off the Genepy and then under the Fresse chair, and then one off the Borsat towards and Grand Pre and onto the Epaule de Charvet to finish.

Meanwhile to name a few of the runs, Thomas, who had new Alpine clients, and Chris skied the Borsat Nord from the top and Thomas continued on into the Chardonnet, Andreas was over in Tignes and skied the Lognan and lower Chardonnet and the boys finished with variations in the Familial. It was a wonderful morning with lovely variations of snow, ranging from perfect and knee-deep to slightly compressed and creamy, and there wasn’t a bad turn to be found all morning long.

There is an article to be found on-line form the Sunday Telegraph featuring Dr. Alan Griffiths and John Ellis. The article is by Tom Roleys and called ‘Skiing has become too dangerous’.

We missed you today Jean, what a shame!

PS Thomas’ new team of Robert and his daughter Alice and son Tom have turned out to be cracking good skiers and Thomas had a great time with them this morning. Welcome to Alpine and we look forward to seeing more of you in the future!

PSS To make Louise’s life easier could anyone who stays for prolonged periods please settle up their bills weekly, instead of waiting until the end of your holiday. It would make it so much easier for her to keep track of who owes what to whom. Also we’d like to remind everyone of our 48-hour cancellation notice. Anyone phoning up the night before with a sore throat, a cold, a niggly injury or any other reason, will be charged unless the place can be filled. We are the only ski school in town who doesn’t take payment in advance so this policy is necessary to keep our losses to a minimum, and we really don’t want to start to charge in advance like everyone else. The Christmas -New Year period is the trickiest time of the season planning-wise and it’s extremely difficult to satisfy everyone, but we hope that you’ve all had a great ski with us during this period. Thanks for your understanding.

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