Another fantastic morning!

06 January 2014

The avalanche risk dropped from 4 to 3 this morning but caution was still a must. The forecast was for brilliant blue skies but there was a slight haze from time to time but the vis was still pretty good and flat-light wasn’t really a factor. I debated what direction to head this morning but was swayed by Thomas’ description of his ski in the Chardonnet yesterday, so I headed that way via a nice opener off the Verte and a good run in the Lower Borsat. Penny did a great job hiking up to the Chardonnet and we were treated with some excellent snow on the first pitch before being the first ones over the little Col on the left, which was brilliant. Merci Thomas! It started to heat up so I then headed up to the Motte via a good run under the alti-port, then skied off the Genepy before finishing with the Familial.

Meanwhile, Andreas started off with the Borsat Nord before skiing the Chardonnet, Lower Cocaine, Little Spatule and Familial and Thomas skied the same with a Col du Palet thrown in.

Chris was the only one to go to the Fornet and by looking at the photos he posted on the Facebook page it looks as if he had wonderful skiing as well. Nice one JC!

The girls had their first day of school today and Gill and I are relieved to say it went fantastically well and they both had a great time, and are happy with their seating arrangements and even better, their teachers! Yahoo! Ray picked them up for us as we were down in Borg shopping and we celebrated with an excellent Chevallot fruit tart, which was delectable! Thanks Ray!

Millie gave us a fright last night as she somehow managed to fall out of her top-bunk, which is pretty jolly high. Gill heard her land and flew out of bed and fortunately Millie didn’t hurt herself, although she does have a sore and stiff neck. It was a very scary incident and she was so lucky to not have hit her head and perhaps killed herself. Ray has built an added protector to stop it happening again but Millie seems to have talked her sister into swapping places.

Sun is forecast for tomorrow and after today’s extreme heat we’ll need to stay high and north. Stay tuned!

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