Andreas finished his season this morning

02 May 2008

Andreas finished his season this morning in style as we had superb spring snow conditions in Tignes. The clientele in Val d’Isere at the moment are skiing everywhere and at the wrong time leaving a wake of ugly, un-skiable slopes behind them, but fortunately Tignes is ‘clean’ compared to the mess up at the Fornet and around the classic spring slopes. I’ve two more days to ski and I’ll probably spend them in the same area as we skied today. Chris and Suzanne had a huge day together as the ‘skinned’ to the Col du Montet then continued up to the Grande Aiguille Rousse. They had great snow all the way down, lunched at the refuge and then walked out on the summer path, arriving home around 3:30 PM. Well done! I’m busy packing and cleaning in preparation for a quick get-away Sunday after skiing to spend the UK Monday holiday with Gill, Millie and Katie. Michele has made a surprise last minute visit with her 8-month old baby Cassias and it’s great to see her after a two-year absence. Tomorrow’s forecast looks good with another sunny day in store and fingers crossed for another good freeze.

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