Another wonderful morning!

09 January 2014

After a 6-nil drubbing last night at the hands of the mighty City I needed a bit of a sporting pick-me-up this morning, and boy what a fabulous morning we had. Andreas, Henry and I all headed towards the Crete du Genepy and skied various options, and it was excellent top-to-bottom. We have had a lot of heat this week but with the sun still low in the sky there hasn’t been the sun damage at first expected and we could avoid crusty snow by playing with exposures and staying off steep sunny slopes. It was a first-rate morning during a fairly tricky period and we were all pretty pleased with today’s result. Meanwhile, Chris and Thomas headed to the Fornet to ski variations off the Glacier Pers and Suzanne reports fantastic skiing up there as well. Bravo to all!

We enjoyed sun and good vis for the most part this morning with some thin high cloud floating about, but this afternoon the clouds are thickening up a little although sun is forecast again for tomorrow. Stay tuned and no West Ham jokes!

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