Not at all what we were expecting!

10 January 2014

It wasn’t the morning we were expecting as blue skies were forecast and instead we had flat-light and a howling wind to deal with. The grey skies and ridiculously warm temperatures put those who were thinking Mont/Roup or Crete du Genepy off and the entire team headed towards the Fornet for altitude and colder temperatures and with the Col Pers/Glaciers Pers in mind. Chris and I arrived first to find that the Glacier was closed so we jumped back on a bus and headed back to Bellevarde to start the day all over again. Resorting to ‘Plan C or D’ we ended up having a pretty good morning skiing the Lower Borsat, followed by a nice run on Wayne’s Shoulder before ‘skinning’ to the Little Borsat West, which was excellent. I then finished with the Familial/Alti-port with a sudden appearance of the sun, which was greatly appreciated by one and all and finished off the morning quite nicely.

I skied with Sonny from Gothenburg for his first time with Alpine and his first time ‘skinning’ and he had a brilliant morning. We also had for the first time this week Aidan as well as Robert, Tom and Alice from Wales, and they all thoroughly enjoyed their time with us.

New Ski Report- In the old days we’d never ski on a new pair of skis with out hand-tuning them first as they never came out of the factory ready to be skied. New skis always needed to be flat-filed before being used. Sadly as time has passed this is still true. If you’ve bought new skis, and it doesn’t matter what make or where you bought them, if they feel uncomfortable on the piste get them tuned immediately. With the warm snow of late my new skis were jumping around all over the place and causing me discomfort in my hips so I took them into Jean Sports last night and the boys did a great job servicing them for me and today they felt like completely different skis. They pivoted beautifully and never ‘grabbed and jerked’ and reminded me of how important a service can be to a new pair of skis, and how my Bond‘s are suppose to feel. If you have new skis and aren’t totally comfortable and happy with them, do yourself a favour and get them tuned without delay!

Stay tuned for more news, weather and sports tomorrow.

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