Welcome to 'Alpine'

11 January 2014

Today’s forecast wasn’t the brightest but Chris and I headed to the Fornet and profited from really good light most for of the morning, and after yesterday it was well appreciated and helped to make the most of our skiing. The Pays Desert didn’t look particularly good after yesterday’s wind so we headed straight over the Col and ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Pers. I had three new Alpine skiers in the group today, Will and his son Hugo, along with Adi, and the boys did the business and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. (I’m always pleased when new skiers have their cameras out photographing their team tracks!) Considering the wind over the past 24-hours the Glacier Pers came through again and was excellent top-to-bottom, and a great intro to ‘Alpine’. (See photos) Thanks Peter B for the intro!

Thomas and Andreas were off today and Andreas is swimming and ice skating with Ness who is having her birthday party today. (Her birthday was last week) What a great way to celebrate a birthday, have fun Ness!

The girls are about to arrive home from the Club des Sports so I’d better sign off and get ready for the whirlwind!

Sun is forecast for Jenny’s last day tomorrow and come on you Hammers!

PS Like a sad git I’ve spent the afternoon sweating in front of my computer in my West Ham shirt while drinking beer out of my West Ham mug, and when we went down to ten-men with 25 minutes to play, nursing a 1-0 lead, it was extremely tough going. But what a performance and what a reaction after last week’s humiliation, and I’m so pleased for Big Sam, because I love the guy. If the Hammers go down, I want to go down with Sam leading the fight, but I feel today was a turn-around and he’ll lead us to 12th place or so. What a finish to a great day!

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